Sunday, February 4, 2007

Using the blog

A preliminary dummy...

All are welcome to post comments. To make a separate new postings, you have to be inscribed into the blog as a contributor (as you know, for all group blogs, this is the single editorial principle). But even if you are not, you are welcome to email to one of the contributors a letter, commentary, question, or brief essay that he or she can post, clearly stating your name as author in the beginning.

How to post new postings:
1. see if you are logged into the blog: See upper right corner: If you see a "sign out" sign, you are logged in. - Otherwise click on Log in, and use your email address and blogger password to login.
2. When logged in, you may see the word "Dashbord" in the upper right corner. (If you click on that, you may be able to edit your profile etc. Then click on the relevant "View blog" sign for the actual blog.)
3. When logged in, and you see in the upper right corner the sequence "New Post / Customize / Sign out", click "New Post".
4. Edit your post. (Here, using Firefox as browser is preferable). Remember to give your post a title. (You may invent a new lable or use existing ones). Press Publish or Save to return and go on later. (When logged into the blog, you may also re-edit your own postings later on).

How to introduce yourself
Those inscribed may create introductions to their research interests etc. by their blogger identity profile including there linking to a personal website. Newcomers and other readers are welcome to leave a self-introduction by commenting to this post here.

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