Saturday, January 24, 2009

Collage of letters from the editorial team

At January 17, 2009, Marcello Barbieri wrote the following
"To the Members of the Editorial Team of Biosemiotics,
Dear friends,
Our Journal has just concluded its first year and I wish to have a brief consultation with you.
Please let me have a short comment on the three Issues of Volume 1, and your suggestions for the future. A few lines is all I need, so please let me have your feedback. " (...)
A long and vivid series of emails and discussion followed, and we decided to make that accessible to a wider audience here, hopefully to inspire and learn more about the diversity of opinions and approaches to biosemiotics.

The file with this "COLLAGE of Letters from the EDITORIAL TEAM", kindly compiled by Marcello, can be downloaded in a .doc and a .pdf version (click to download the full correspondance).
(Update of February 2: updated versions from Marcello here: download .doc and .pdf)
Best regards,