Sunday, September 11, 2011

Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture

The current issue of Antennae, Issue 17, Summer 2011 ( is a special issue on plants called 'Why Look at Plants?'. It contains an essay - 'Aspects of Plant Intelligence' by Anthony Trewavas of Edinburgh University. The essay references many names with which readers of this blog will be familiar. Being an Art History journal, the issue is full of beautiful illustrations.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bio-/zoosemiotic proposals for ASLE-UK conference welcome

There is a call for papers for the 2011 postgraduate conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment UK (London Sept 9-10), entitled "Emergent critical environments: Where next for ecology and the humanities?". "Biosemiotics and zoosemiotics" is mentioned in the list of "possible paper topics". Deadline is March 31st - also for panel or roundtable proposals.

I quote:
Individual papers should be no longer than 20 minutes. Please send a 250 word abstract and a brief biography (maximum 150 words) to Sam Solnick, Deborah Lilley and Kate Parry – emergentenvironments [at] by 31 March 2011. Proposals for panels (3 speakers) and roundtables are also welcome: please send a 200 word summary of the rationale for the panel or roundtable, in addition to individual abstracts. Please send further enquiries to the above email address.