Monday, July 21, 2014

2nd survey conducted by Biosemiotics - 'Umwelt' (the biosemiotic glossary project)

Dear all,

on behalf of the journal Biosemiotics, I refer you to a questionnaire which we now distribute in the biosemiotic community in preparation of the second review article in the biosemiotic glossary project. Carlo Brentari, Riin Magnus and I have been assigned as authors of this scientific article, which will review the term ‘Umwelt’ (in the sense established by Jakob von Uexküll in his Umwelt theory). As part of the editorial process, each review article will, when submitted, be distributed to the members of the editorial board of Biosemiotics and further to those cited in the article, for feedback. 

A survey in the biosemiotic community is conducted in preparation of each review article. The associated questionnaire, which is to be returned to me as handling editor, is distributed to a wide range of biosemioticians, including but not necessarily restricted to/via the members of the editorial board and advisory board of Biosemiotics, the biosemiotics email list (, the board members of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies (ISBS), the board members of the International Society of Code Biology (ISCB), and the Biosemiosis blog (

The invited authors are tasked with describing the outcomes of the survey associated with their review article, and to do so systematically and in an unbiased manner. However, when it comes to synthesis and suggestions, they will have the freedom to propose their own view even if it contradicts the general/popular understanding.

The deadline for returning the attached questionnaire is August 20th. It should be sent to my email address (mortentoennessen AT or alternatively morten.tonnessen AT The questionnaire (Word format) is available via my page, here.

My best,
Morten Tønnessen

Co-Editor-in-Chief of Biosemiotics

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Message on the editorial board of Biosemiotics (Springer)

We are in the process of reorganizing the Editorial Board (EB) for the Biosemiotics journal, as we have explained at the recent 14th Gathering in Biosemiotics in London (June 30 - July 4). Please note that the new and revised editorial board will have fewer members than the current one.

The duties of the EB members are:

(1) To support Biosemiotics as the main journal of the International Society for Biosemiotics Studies (ISBS) and contribute to ensure its quality.
(2) To provide help in reviewing papers submitted to Biosemiotics and comply with journal guidelines and standards.
(3) To facilitate submission of high-quality papers to Biosemiotics, e.g. by writing reviews on topics of special interest, organizing Special Issues, or promoting the journal at various academic meetings and in communication with relevant scholars.

The main benefits of being a member of the EB are possibility to contribute to the development of biosemiotics as a discipline and free access to the electronic version of Biosemiotics.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the new EB, please, send us a message indicating your interest, with your CV in attachment. Please note that the Editors-in-Chief will jointly decide on the membership of the EB, and that we cannot guarantee any particular candidate a spot in the EB based on motivation alone. Our decision will in the main be based on the merit and competence of the candidates in core biosemiotics.

Our best,

Alexei Sharov
Timo Maran
Morten Tønnessen (